Furqaan Recycling

We Muslims believe that the Quran contains the exact words of Allah, therefore the printed text itself should be treated with a great deal of respect. Proper handling of the sacred text should be disposed in a clean respectable way.
Children’s schoolbooks, magazines, fliers are often seen lying around and are thrown into the trash knowingly which is a sin. The words of Allah must be disposed of in a way that shows reverence to the holiness of the text.

Furqaan Recycling mission is to provide a solution to Islamic institutions,
in a Shari’ah compliant way to dispose of sacred text and to enjoin Muslims in their duty as caretakers of the Earth. This is to ensure sacred text stepped upon, or thrown anywhere in unclean places.

To fulfill this mission, Furqaan Recycling offers the following solutions.
1- Partner with Islamic Institutions, especially masajid, Islamic centers and Islamic schools to create a network of drop-off locations around the U.S for paper sacred text disposal.
2- Partner with Islamic Institutions to provide a mailing solution for Arabic only Qur’an copies.
3- Provide an avenue for all Muslims in the USA to mail Paper sacred text for disposal.
4- Raise community awareness on safeguarding the environment and encourage recycling of plastics, metals, glass, etc. Offer general recycling solution to Islamic institutions.
5- To provide an avenue to Muslims to “Recycle” used Islamic-Books within the community. These books in usable condition will be provided to prison inmates, school libraries or sold with proceeds going to support prison inmate requests for Islamic Material.


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