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Furqaan Dawah Center (FDC), was founded in 2010

as an exclusively owned division of Al-Furqaan Foundation;

an internationally recognized organization dedicated in its

mission to promoting the message of Quran to the world.

It is currently based in the Chicago South Shore neighborhood in Illinois.

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Facility Purchase Debt $1,200,000 Raised $ 200,000
Facility Modification Debt $550,000 Raised $150,000
Total Total Debt $1,750,000 Total Raised $350,000

Masjid Furqaan is the largest Quran Distribution Warehouse in USA and Islamic Center. Masjid Furqaan is a division of Al-Furqaan Foundation, a non-profit organization, located in Bolingbrook, IL. Masjid Furqaan falls under the jurisdiction of Al-Furqaan Foundations board members.

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English Talk (Bayan) : 1:00pm
Arabic Khutba : 1:20pm
Iqama : 1.30pm


Mission Statement

Furqaan Dawah Center was founded in 2010 as a non-profit division of Al-Furqaan
Foundation and is based in Chicago, Illinois. It is a modest Islamic outreach center and mosque, with its operational philosophy based on the primary reference of the Holy Quran and the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Furqaan Dawah Center is always working to improve the respect and cultivate its own identity and presence in the culturally diverse South Shore community as a welcoming space and peaceful retreat for worship, and as a source for religious guidance and social services for its Muslim patrons. Consequentially, the Center currently offers 5 daily prayers and weekly Friday congregations services led by its resident, or visiting guest Imams.

Furqaan Dawah Center is also committed to disseminate the teachings of Islam and dispel its many misconceptions, by providing the local community and its patrons with free Islamic literatures and distributions of free Quran. In addition, the Center advocates and encourages inter-faith learning circles and group discussions for its Muslim and non-Muslim patrons with the aim to enhance the understanding of Islamic teachings and appreciation of its principles of equality, tolerance, forgiveness, mutual support and cooperation.

Contact Info

Dawah Center (DC)

7290 South Kingston Avenue Chicago, IL 60617

Phone: 1 630 914 5015
Fax: 1 630 914 5018
Email: [email protected]


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